Yoga postures with vocal release


singers and “non-singers”

Internal and external release

What happens in a class?

Sequences of yoga poses are structured around the 7 chakras. Each chakra has a vowel sound associated with it to facilitate release but no one has to sing in tune and you are encouraged to find your own pitch intuitively. Sometimes harmonies occur but not always. Yoga poses have different options to suit different levels.

Style of Yoga and sounds

The yoga is Hatha based, incorporating Vinyasa flow. The sequences flow with the different energy of the chakras. Some sequences reflect flow and creativity (water and air) whilst others are more still, requiring more strength (earth and fire). The vocalisations use a system of vowel sounds commonly attributed to the chakras.


My yoga work is informed by a leading contemporary yoga teacher, Rolf Gates who has worked with the chakras in depth. On a physiological level yoga facilities the pathways of connective tissue to open which allows the chakras to engage and release on an energetic/emotional level. My experience is that simultaneous vocalisation helps the chakras to engage.

About Me

I am a natural voice practitioner and a qualified Level 3 yoga teacher, involved in a music therapy training. I first discovered the releasing and calming benefits of yoga and simultaneous vocalisation whilst helping clients unblock their singing voices. I am in my final year of training to become a music therapist.


All classes start 5.9.19

Lewes Subud Centre, Station St

Wednesdays 9.30 am -10.45 am,

(no class half term Weds 30th Oct)

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